Meet the Hosts

Meet the Hosts

After discovering that they were each fighting the same mental, emotional, and financial battle, Gwen Witherspoon, Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin, and Katherine Jordan decided to form their own Vivid Collaborative. They began brainstorming branding strategies, pooling resources, and most of all, dreaming bigger. The result was a decision to come together to shed some light and do the same for other visionaries on this entrepreneurial journey.

Gwen Witherspoon, MBA | Better Life Coach

For over 30 years Gwen has been preparing for her current role as the Principal of Adam Red, a branding agency, and she has emerged as a passionate advocate for doing the inside work as a foundation.

Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin, M.D. | Wellness Coach

After 20 years as a family practitioner, Dr. Jada has started REAL Weight Loss + Wellness to help her clients get real about their outsides from a holistic perspective.

Katherine Jordan | Lifestyle Coach

Katherine left her 10-year career in retail to start The Savvy ID, a home staging company for the real estate industry. She is our resident expert on getting a vision for your surroundings.