Aaron Smalls

Aaron Smalls

Music/Worship Director

As a son of parents in ministry, Aaron’s whole life was spent in the church. Dad was a pastor. Mom was a worship leader. Not only were they a family in ministry, but the Smalls were a family of musicians. In that tradition, he started his classical piano training at four and joined the worship team at 11.

Aaron joined because he always had a love for music, and this was an opportunity to do what he loved. A decade later, at just 14, he became the Worship Director. At that age, you can imagine how fun it was to direct people that were old enough to be his parents. He was in charge of leading worship for a year with no spiritual connection; however, at the age of 15, that all changed. Aaron transitioned from just being a Christian and a musician to a being worshipper. He has been hooked ever since, and he’s been writing songs since then too.

He has made it his mission that every song written and every melody sung at Word Church Now will lead others into the presence of God, where they can be forever changed. Ultimately, we understand that everything happens in his presence, but nothing happens without his presence.

Aaron is a corporate trainer for Slater Hospitality, husband to Sydney, and dog dad to Reign, Dolce, Gabana, and Bella.