Gwen Witherspoon

Gwen Witherspoon

Executive Director, Communications

Gwen Witherspoon is a coach, artist, and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in design, marketing, branding, retail, coaching, management and development. She’s obsessed with art, technology, poetry, scale miniatures, design, and making a difference. She is the founder and principal of Adam Red, an Atlanta branding agency, and of Vivid Academy, Inc.–a nonprofit dedicated to teaching the art, science, and psychology of entrepreneurship.

A love of art, the need to create order, and a genuine belief that she can solve the identity crisis–whether for an individual or a company–has fueled her personal and professional life. She is known for making ideas happen because she has a knack for comprehensive, creative solutions.

As the executive director of communications for Word Church Now, she’s using all of that to help build communities of faith.

Gwen moved from Anchorage, Alaska with Bernard & Karen Smalls to start a church in Atlanta in 1995, and after decades in the suburbs, she now lives happily in the city with her husband Ron, and she’s the mother of a very handsome and talented son, Aaron and daughter-in-law Ashley, who have made her Gammy to Raelyn and Carter.